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Pastor Ghislain Lukunku

Pastor Ghislain Lukunku

Reverend Ghislain Lukunku is the founder and senior pastor of Centre de Réveil Fleuves d’Eau vive - Belgium.   He is a visionary leader who has learned during his journey to listen to God and obey him. A balanced man and teacher of the Bible, Pastor Ghislain has transformed many lives by his teachings.  

His primary mission is to turn the hearts of men to God and to pre- pare for the meeting with Him. The urgency of the return of Christ led him to bring the Gospel message around the world. He is married to Shadia Lukunku and they have five children

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Mon, Jul 31, 2017
The name is the real you. We all have 3 potential names - personality or character, journey or story and the Word of God or inheritance. The first two names are given automatically while the third one you have to fight for. The Word of God is your real name, it is the name that God gives you. Your real name comes through battles. When you want a real change, there are different levels to fight; 1) Fight with God, 2) Fight with self, 3) Fight with man and 4) Fight with the demons or spirit of sabotage. In the fight with God, prayer is the principle matter. The only way to be the Word of God, is to pray and deny self (1 Peter 4: 7). You need to fight for dependence (submission) and let God master you.
Sun, Jul 30, 2017
For change to occur you have to be an agent of change. An agent of change does not look at how things are in the natural or how they have started. You need to become the person, for the promise for the promise to come to pass. You cannot wait for others to change, for the events of your life to change, you need to deal with your internal self. You need to be intimate with God for his promises to manifest. For the problem is not the fight but the pressures of life. We need to fight for our fortune and inheritance. Fighting is a blessing not a curse or burden. Or are at risk to end up being someone else than what God has intended for you to be.
Sun, Jul 17, 2016
The reason why you are here is because of your journey towards accomplishment. The end of something is the beginning of something. Without the end, there is no beginning. The end justifies the beginning. It is the end that justifies the story. The past and the present have no meaning if there is no end. Your life is not a nightmare; God had a beautiful dream of you. The devil has the photo, but God has the video - He knows the end of the story of your life. You have something that may seem like that is what you want. But we have a God who knows exactly what we want and need - even the needs we cannot name. Our circumstances do not determine the way God works - He will impose himself in the circumstances and situations and He will fulfil His will.
Tue, Oct 28, 2014
When an all powerful, all knowing and self sufficient God asks us to be thankful it highlights the importance of thanksgiving. All our sacrifices are an act of gratitude to what God has done for us. Thanksgiving is a lifestyle where we refuse to be familiar with what God has done for us. A sacrifice of thanksgiving honours God
Mon, Oct 27, 2014
The Importance of thanksgiving: 1.It helps you not to kill your past with God 2. Thanksgiving will give you another spirit (of Gratitude). When you are deep in meditation, you remember the good things that happened in your life. Thanksgiving saves out past, preserves our present and protects our future. Make your present your passion: What you do now will affect your future! God is honoured through a sacrifice of thanksgiving
Sun, Oct 26, 2014
2 Types of sacrifices: 1. Burnt Offering 2. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a powerful sacrifice that is done in response to what God has done for us in our lives. We need to be people of thanksgiving so that we do not kill our history with God. The attitude we need to carry is "I will not offer to God what cost me nothing"
Fri, Nov 22, 2013
Prayer is not just about talking but it is mainly about bringing results. It is linked to lifestyle; it is a state of mind, a way of thinking through life. Intercession is a powerful weapon that needs to be used properly. Intercession was established to respond to the needs of God. It is never turned toward self but always turned toward God.