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Pastor Ghislain Lukunku

Pastor Ghislain Lukunku

Reverend Ghislain Lukunku is the founder and senior pastor of Centre de Réveil Fleuves d’Eau vive - Belgium.   He is a visionary leader who has learned during his journey to listen to God and obey him. A balanced man and teacher of the Bible, Pastor Ghislain has transformed many lives by his teachings.  

His primary mission is to turn the hearts of men to God and to pre- pare for the meeting with Him. The urgency of the return of Christ led him to bring the Gospel message around the world. He is married to Shadia Lukunku and they have five children

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Wed, Jul 31, 2019
Following Jesus requires maturity. Maturity is a matter of direction not years, age or experience. For when we follow Jesus we gain influence. Sign of maturity is being led. Maturity is letting yourself be controlled by Jesus, for only he can take you to places you least expected, your destiny.
Tue, Jul 30, 2019
Followership of Jesus is associated with everything that we need to accomplish in our lives. Many failures in our lives are a result of illusion of direction. Following Jesus requires us to: let ourselves be controlled by him; attaching to Christ (intimacy and relational knowledge); understanding that success is in the opposite direction to our flesh, be disciplined; and, we need to be mature, allowing Jesus to gird and lead us.
Mon, Jul 29, 2019
When we want to come out of a place of failure, Jesus himself has to create the environment of change - Jesus is a creator of contexts that will bring change to ourlives. You never leave a point of failure unless you follow Jesus. Three major illusions in life: illusion of the goal, direction and competence. God must become everything in our lives - he must be the Goal of our lives, not his hand (what he gives). For when we follow Jesus, we gain Jesus, the light of life.
Sun, Jul 28, 2019
The point of continuous failure is where we find lots of frustrations. Our point of failure is caused by illusion, wrong perception of reality. Faith helps us face reality instead of disconnecting from it. For us to tear down the fortresses of illusion we have to dependent on the parakletos, our advocate and comforter the Holy Spirit. Dependency is allowing God to be in full control and fully depending on him
Fri, Aug 03, 2018
You cannot live next to Jesus if you are an opportunist (doing things for your own interest). An opportunist does not serve God but work for themselves. For example, Elisha served Elijah whole heartedly; the prodigal son only wanted his inheritance. Prodigal ministries always end in misery. The only person an opportunist serves is self. A priest serves God. Many people focus on their destinies instead of serving God. Your destiny is Jesus, He is the purpose and goal.
Thu, Aug 02, 2018
You have authority to influence. You cannot follow Jesus if you have not broken away from worldly influence. True leadership is following the Master Jesus. Authority frees us from slavery. You cannot live in close relationship with God if you are a slave to the world.
Wed, Aug 01, 2018
The four creatures were created by God according to His expectation of total adoration. Each creature reflects the character of Jesus. The inner circle of God is the circle of the living. Circle of living = your intimate communion with God.
Tue, Jul 31, 2018
There are good works that will please God and there are good works that will please our conscience. There can never be true good work which is not from God. Not all good work is done with the right motive. Never do good works as a way of vengeance (proving a point). Beware of living a life focused on just attaining and neglecting the real focus of good works which is to please God.
Mon, Jul 30, 2018
The power for you to do good work is connected to God’s presence being with you. You need to know Whom you have believed. You serve others more effectively once your relationship with God is stable and secure. God is able to anoint you to ensure that everything He planned for you to do is successful.