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Pastor Bonné  Moon

Pastor Bonné Moon

As a compelling and innovative motivational and instructional speaker, Pastor Moon is also the prolific author of several teaching series books which have proven to be vibrantly effective and far-reaching as they effortlessly cross the communicational span from youth to ordained elders and from laity to leaders.
Raised in the mission fields of Zimbabwe, Africa where she experienced a rich Christian heritage of bold evangelism, pastoral care, and strong doctrinal teaching. Armed with an abundance of faith based living and life-learned entrepreneurial skills, she successfully established a thriving business in the corporate sector of Dallas, Texas while also pursuing her passion for ministry toward Christ.
With a personal lifestyle signature of "grow by growing others", Pastor Moon joined with the cutting edge ministry of The Potter's House upon its inception in 1996, became a licensed minister in 1999, was ordained by the The Potter's House in 2002, and was set in office as a Pastor, by Bishop T.D. Jakes, in 2006. Her pastoral oversight includes The Potter's House School of Ministry, The Singles Ministry, The Women's Ministry, and The Medical Ministry of The Potter's House.
Undergirded with the sound doctrine of her youth and emboldened by the continual study in her walk with Christ, Pastor Bonné Moon is known for her love of God's revelatory Word and her inclusive passion for the culturally and colorfully diverse people it joins together in the unstoppable progression of God's Kingdom. It is the life mission of Pastor Moon to be counted among those whose limitless lives are lived by faith, whose tireless labors are fueled by an unending love, and who's "hope maketh not ashamed".




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Mon, Sep 17, 2012
The G-force (growth force) is the force that occurs between the gravity that is trying to hold you down and the opposing G-force of acceleration that is pulling you up. We as human beings and the world itself do not want things to change; we want to resist the change the Spirit of God is bringing into us.