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Sun, May 06, 2018
How we interpret a situation is dependent on our worldview. Hermeneutics is divided into two types - superficial and in-depth interpretation. Souls are valuable to God and so should they be to us. The harvest is plenty but God is need of people that can interpret the message correctly, in-depth interpretation. God is asking where are his people who can reach out to the lost souls. God is looking for people that are filled with his word, full of light, to go evangelise diligently until the lost are saved. When a soul comes home the death of Jesus is justified. The value of souls is invariable , it is permanent, it was set before it all. However usefulness is variable on who is in control of your life, who owns you. All souls are valuable but only those in Gods hand are useful.
Sun, Feb 11, 2018
Our behavior betrays our belief in the promise. If we know that God is working for our good and that all things work out for our good then we should not worry. The promise gives us access but we also have a responsibility and have to apply effort to get hold of the promise. There is an eligibility clause we need to fulfill before we can access the promise - love of God. The love of God is different from expressions of love. The love of God is not meeting his needs, loving his gifts or the things he prompts us to do. But the love of God is an internal intangible disposition of heart.
Sun, Dec 18, 2016
Growth requires discomfort and if growth is of God then discomfort is of God. When God pushes us, we will experience some uneasiness but it is for our good. God will continue to make us uncomfortable until we are obedient (Acts 11:1-2; 15-18). 1. Discomfort is a part of growth, you cannot grow without it. If you value the end result you will endure and enjoy the discomfort. 2. Make sure that every discomfort is God ordained – through prayer and His word. Because God does not speak to one person he always confirms his word. 3. Learn to appreciate the discomfort. Do not hold on to anything tighter than you hold on to God. God needs to have the primary place in your life. The reason God causes discomfort in our lives is for us to be obedient.
Sun, Sep 11, 2016
Sermon summary: 1. We need to stay connected even when things are good. 2. Knowing the enemy is not enough. Knowing where they are(their strategy) is essential. 3. Revival is a present continuous term; our avoidance of the devil’s schemes must be continuous too. 4. God provides solutions before the need is known.
Sun, Jan 31, 2016
Why can we not correlate time spent on something and the quality of life? We spend longer with things but we do not grow. We got the looks but do not have the experience. The church has lots of people who have the appearance of Christians but their lives are no where near christianity. The problem is that we do not understand growth. Growth is multidimensional - it consists of the following: 1. Fruitfulness 2. Multiplication 3. Dominion
Sun, Sep 20, 2015
Choice is classified as good or bad depending on the outcome of the choice made. Free will (choice) is a divine gift from God - the most neglected divine gift we have. Choice requires you to be prophetic as you do not know yet the outcome. God wants us to live prophetic lives through choice. We need to be careful of the things we see and desire as this affects our choices. The reason why we make bad choices is because we are thinking about ourselves. What are the motives of making the choices you make?
Sun, Jun 14, 2015
Only the painter knows exactly what the final canvas will look like. We are canvases going under painting process by God (The Painter). As believers we are created in the image of God and we are mobile canvases or we freedom to choose. Therefore we have to be stationary and allow the painter to finish painting without premature interruption. Our positioning with God determines how our final picture will look like. No matter how good or how painful each paint stroke can be, let us be stable and know that God knows what He is doing.
Sun, Apr 12, 2015
GO is a command, not a suggestion its an order not a request. GO has implications for both the one going and the one sending. The command to go is for every single one of us: 1. The instruction to go was all inclusive, not limitted to some disciples. 2. Jesus evangelised first. 3. Effective evangelism can only Happen with unity and the Empowerment of the spirit.
Sun, Feb 01, 2015
God prepares us for our blessings though the preparatory packages. There is always a painful preparation that comes before the blessing. God's blessing make rich and do not add sorrow. Question the blessing when it adds sorrow to your life.
Sun, Aug 31, 2014
God wants you to trust His character and believe that whatever He has put on your plate is good for you. How do I know it is not my idea and it is God's? - Sometimes God keeps you in a situation even though He has opened the doors for you. - Paul and Silas chose not escape from the prison when the cell doors where opened. Instead they remained until they were publicly released. This made the Jailer not commit suicide out of fear that his prisoners had escaped. Their obedience resulted in the Jailer giving his life to Christ!