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Wed, Mar 06, 2019
Olive trees are there to pour out golden oil, Spirit of God. God anoints you with His Spirit for the assignment He has called you to do Zerubbabel went back to work after Zechariah and Haggai acted as olive trees in his life. You need olive trees, people who God brings into your life to support you, for a lifetime. Never ever reach a place where you think that the olive trees are no longer relevant in your life.
Tue, Mar 05, 2019
God is in charge and wants to lead you. You cannot move in the supernatural and miraculous, if you do not give the Holy Spirit His rightful place. God teaches you what is best for you; meaning you do not know what is best for you. Do not only obey God when it is convenient to you. Do not call Jesus, Lord, if you are not willing to follow His Lordship over your life. For God to effectively lead you, you must be dead to self.
Mon, Mar 04, 2019
Your hunger and thirst for God will determine how much you receive from Him. The state of your heart determines what you receive from God. What made Daniel and Moses outstanding is the Spirit of God upon them. Never try to do anything without depending on the Holy Spirit.
Sun, Mar 03, 2019
You should never ever get familiar with the Holy Spirit or God. No one knows what to pray for because we only know how to pray in the natural dimension. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal how to pray according to the supernatural dimension. There is a higher level of prayer that doesn't depend on what you are experiencing nor how you are feeling; whereby you flow in prayer according to how the Holy Spirit prays through you.
Wed, May 09, 2018
A good shepherd lays his life down for the sheep, he never runs but is always on high alert to save the sheep. A good shepherd has compassion and takes responsibility for the lost. Prophetic shepherd sees the lost and takes action to bring them back home. We need to move from mere evangelism to spirit-led, strategic evangelism. The holy spirit needs people that can move urgently. There are so many man and woman who are ready to come back but need people who can work with the holy spirit to bring them back home.
Mon, Apr 25, 2016
A generation that will stop the nonsense is a generation that knows its assignment. Elijah ran away from his assignment but the Lord told him to return to his assignment. Are you still in the place of your assignment or you have to go back to your purpose. There is unfinished business for this generation. What kind of man and woman will it take to take the nations back for Christ? The assignment requires the anointing. This generation needs an encounter with God. Where is your zeal? Jehu was zealous for the Lord. Jesus Christ was consumed by the zeal for His Fathers business. What is your first priority in life? Is it money, material things or its God. Purpose must go before material things, never allow humans or possessions to drive you away from your purpose. Christ's cross centred gospel is the answer to the world. This generation must be a generation of young people sold out for Christ. A generation that live for Christ and that is willing to lose their lives so as to stop the nonsense.
Sun, Apr 24, 2016
The generation that will stop the nonsense.What kind of generation will the coming generation be? Generations before needed more of God while faced with less challenges than this generation. The older generation was zealous for Christ, never pushed to pray, never pushed to evangelize but this young generation is abandoned yet they face greater challenges - institutional endorsement of sin and lack of discernment, hence require more of God. The Christ's cross centered gospel is no more in this generation. Whatever takes the place of God in our lives, God will destroy it. Never allow a blessing, materials or even humans to substitute the place of God in your life. We are blessed to become a blessing. Do not accept things that shouldn't be accepted - enough is enough, let God be God. You are radically saved to radically serve God. A generation that will have an encounter with God.
Wed, Aug 06, 2014
When advancing God's Kingdom you need to know the territory which you have been called to impact. Every territory has already been occupied. You can't occupy without dispossessing strongholds. You can do far more in the territory that God has called you compared to trying to occupy a territory that is not yours. God blesses you in the territory He has planted you! Wherever you find yourself, know the world in which God has planted you. How does the Kingdom of God benefit from where you have been planted? When God gives you a position, He looks at the bigger picture. How is the Kingdom of God benefiting from your life? How will the Kingdom of God benefit from your life? Your assignment is to bring God’s Kingdom into your sphere of influence and uproot the demonic assignments put onto your path of destiny. You cannot rule the world without being filled by the Holy Spirit. You need to be filled by the Holy Spirit.
Tue, Aug 05, 2014
There is energy, power and a force behind 'will'. It is impossible to do the will of God if you are alive to self; you need to die to self. Many of us have already decided on whom we want to be and where we want to be. We only then seek for God to put His stamp of approval on what we have chosen and ordained for ourselves. Before you open your mouth to pray, listen to the voice of God. You need to pray according to the will of God over your life. Allow God to be God and stop trying to be someone else; be yourself and celebrate who God has created you to be. In order for us to build our trust in God we need to believe: a) He is not capable of making a mistake b) He is not capable of doing any wrong c) He knows the end from the beginning
Mon, Aug 04, 2014
A King is someone who has supreme authority. God, Our King has supreme authority and above Him there is no other. The Kingdom of God doesn't need to be seen, it is within you. Therefore God is in control, in charge and in authority of the kingdom. You need to become a Kingdom person and not a Church goer. Kingdom people dream BIG and have a nation oriented visions. Kingdom people possess territory wherever God has planted them. Kingdom people know that they represent the Kingdom and know how to use influence. God gives position for influence. Is God King in your life? Is your life submitted to God's supreme authority? Is God Lord over your life? You cannot understand the message of the Kingdom if God isn't King in your life. He cannot be just your Saviour, He needs to be also King, and the One who has supreme authority in your life!