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Sun, Sep 23, 2018
As long as you live there is hope. Jesus is our only hope. The woman had a blood condition for 12 years and thus she had limitation. The woman's limitations: 1) Physically she was weak but she pushed to meet the miracle worker, Jesus. 2) Law of Moses - she was isolated from the community. She knew that Jesus who was far away was her miracle worker. She broke all the laws and barriers set all around her. 3) Crowd all around her. 4) Jesus did not have an agenda with her but the woman had an agenda with Him. The woman touched his garments, she wanted to connect with Jesus. She was not after a miracle but connecting her life with Jesus. The woman also had assets: 1) The vision of getting better. Your sickness is a tool for God to be glorified. If you did not die yesterday your shall live to see the mighty works of Jesus. 2) Jesus passed by her area. 3) She knew how to speak in herself. She repeatedly encouraged herself and spoke positively. Speak the appropriate language for your healing. As she touched the garment of Jesus, her life completely changed.