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Time of Renewal

Time of Renewal

Aug 2014 - Jan 2019

Kingdom people dream BIG and have a nation oriented visions. Kingdom people possess territory wherever God has planted them. Kingdom people know that they represent the Kingdom and know how to use influence. God gives position for influence

Sermons in this series
Thu, Aug 06, 2015
When you reach to a place of saying "How do I?" you acknowledge that you are limited and only God can do it for you. You need to uproot that which has been planted that is not needed. You need to pull down things that have been built and established (Strongholds and Imaginations). It is your dream that needs to be planted in this season. What God says will come to pass if you believe it or not
Wed, Aug 05, 2015
God will raise churches to show that it is possible to break the limitations. God will continue to push the church. Everything started by God has a tendency to grow – if it does not grow, there is something wrong. God installed growth and multiplication in everything that He does - that is why the church is growing. God is raising a generation of altar breakers who will use the same materials to build an altar unto God. All of us have a season to set on stage and prepare the next generation. We need to cultivate a generation that is filled with righteousness and holiness.
Tue, Aug 04, 2015
God had an idea and a mind for the church – to change and make a difference in people’s lives. The church is the foundation and the pillar of truth. The church was made to be a pace setter, trendsetter, a change maker. The impact of a church is seen in the way lives are lived and transformed through the people that the church does ministry in. When people come to the church, there must be a before and after. Church is meant to change our lives – you must come in ignorant and come out empowered. The best training ground is church
Mon, Aug 03, 2015
The power of a blessing is in an individual. You might not look like it or feel it but the blessing is in you. God has installed a "divine application" (being blessed) in us that allows us to access it and do mighty things in our lives. The key to unlocking the blessings is in Jesus Christ - we need to be in Jesus Christ to unlock the blessing. Spiritual and divine empowerment unlocks natural empowerment - If you win it in the spirit, it will be won in the natural!
Sun, Aug 02, 2015
If you want to fully know the purpose of why something was invented or made – you need to talk to the inventor or creator or the manufacturer of that thing. If you do not find the inventor or creator or the manufacturer, you need to find the documentation and find why that thing was invented. Go back to the bible to read what God’s original intent is for man and the church. Everything that God does has a purpose. If you understand the purpose, our attitude and mindset will change. We exist to leave a legacy behind.
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Contrary to what we may think of the cross in the 21st century; the cross was not a fashion statement, cultural icon, or religious trademark; it was an instrument of death for slave-criminals. The cross was used to inflict maximum pain and total humiliation. Thank God! Our Lord Jesus managed to turn this instrument of pain, humiliation, and death into a symbol of love, atonement, and victory.
Thu, Jan 15, 2015
What kind of God is this? He speaks a promise and only fulfills it after years. What kind of God will allow you to lose a job, yet you are born again? What kind of God can allow you to become an embarrassment in the community? He sees you stranded but keeps silent.
Mon, Jan 12, 2015
A house of prayer is: 1. A place where those who have been alienated from their promises and blessings of the kingdom of God can find a place to cry to God and be ministered to. - It's a place where the good news must be preached. - Church is "church" only when it transforms someone life. 2. It's a place where the brokenhearted can find healing for their hearts. - we cannot be a church when people are still depressed and oppressed in church
Sun, Aug 17, 2014
God addressed Himself as God (in the Old Testament) and not as a Father to the Israelites. The covenant had been broken and needed restoration. Jesus had to appear on earth and die for us in order to have us restored in relationship with God as our Father. We can call God Abba Father because His Spirit is in us and bears witness with our spirit that we are His sons. God is a Father and He gives good gifts to His children. He gave you salvation which is the most important thing in life, we didn't ask for it but He gave it to us. Our lives should be lives of continual thanksgiving daily. God gave Himself to us through Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for us. God gave His Son; the Son gave the Holy Spirit. We have the three in one God in us; Father, Son & Holy Spirit
Thu, Aug 07, 2014
God walked with Abraham and Isaac. He then walked with Jacob. Are you going to be willing to give all in order for God's will to be fulfilled? A life of total surrender can only be made once you a) have an encounter with God. b) You don't have high expectations. 3 commitments that Jacob made: 1) You will be my God. God expects you to commit to accepting Him as your God. 2) I will build You a house. We have to devote all we are to His glory. The place to start is not building a house for God but making our bodies His temple. 3) I will give you my tithes. Stuff do not glorify God, they facilitate that God be glorified. If you want your children and children’s children to be blessed, be serious with God and stay committed to Him.