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Societal Reform

Societal Reform

May 2014 - Jun 2016

21st century church will be different from that of the 20th century. To change this generation we need to shift our mindset and approach to way church has been done. Are we ready to embrace people who are different from us i.e. tattoos on head, transvestites etc? The church needs to get ready for societal reform. Most of Jesus' time was spent outside of the synagogue. We are not called to remain in the 4 walls of church. Weare the salt of the earth, we're called to affect society not the four walls.

Sermons in this series
Wed, Jun 08, 2016
It's time for societal upgrade. We need to go beyond talking about the greatness of God and our part in it, and start demonstrating it. You cannot expect any type of societal upgrade if you do not expect transformational change. It's time to play your part, it's time to live up to your potential. You cannot expect to take over while functioning like an errand boy. There is no way you will get the blessing or the upgrade without transformational change. Upgrade is about position and functional dynamics. There are positions that God has called us to penetrate but we need to be prepared.
Tue, Jun 07, 2016
The church is the agent of change to advance the kingdom of God in the world. We need to step into a systematic approach (saving the systems of the world and the people within them) than an individualistic approach (saving individuals). We need to translate the kingdom principles to affect the world. You need to be trained in order to bring societal revolution
Mon, Jun 06, 2016
It's not enough to be pious. You are called to reign in life. Power was primarily given for societal relevance. Power is given to be and not to have, it is the undeniable key to effect change, to produce proof and to be God's witnesses. Power was given to empower.
Sun, Jun 05, 2016
Joseph was favored because he had God on his side. Who is on your side? Never underestimate your 'prison time'. Watch what you do in your prison time. While you are waiting, help someone succeed and become great. What you do in your prison time will dictate how you will be blessed. There are things that God needs to deal with and He does it in the prison time. No matter how long it takes in the prison, learn the lesson!
Wed, May 27, 2015
The world has been presented with religion instead of solutions. The word of God & principles of God are the solution for the society. The church needs to know how to channel it to change the cities and nations. The principles of the kingdom will change our nations for Christ, but religion will continue to divide it. God takes more pleasure in application of His Word than just simply elevating His name. We need to invade and influence the 7 kingdoms (family, media, religion, arts and entertainment, government, business, and education) of this world with the principles of the Lord. You need to know which kingdom God had called you to influence
Tue, May 26, 2015
It is imperative for the church to know that God is raising a new generation that desires to be identified, trained, mandated and sent out to shift the world – it is not enough to come to church for healing, to hear a word, and receive a blessing. It is desirable for you to be identified in your divine calling and be positioned in your sphere of influence to shift society. We are in a new generation and a new season where people will be accountable to say “Why am I here” – You cannot live life without knowing your calling. The cry of your heart should be “I want to be identified”. A kingdomizer is “a disciple that is identified, trained, mandated and sent out to advance the kingdom of God is a specific system of the world”
Mon, May 25, 2015
Taking the kingdom to the systems of our society takes preparation. We need to be prepared – There needs to be a change of culture in the church to prepare us for societal reform. It takes more than anointing and revelation to change the systems of society. The people of God in the church have been caught up with church culture that they have lost the realities of the world. The church has to transition in order for it to be effective in the quest to change/reform and bring transformation in the society. The church needs to transition from a culture of poverty into a culture of prosperity. The soul is saved but the financial understanding is unsaved.
Sun, May 24, 2015
The mandate is not to have church but to rule & reign (Romans 5:17). It is not enough to be saved and wait for heaven. It is the desire for God for you to have dominion and reign on earth and in life. The original design was for God to be king in heaven and for man to be king on earth. You are called to be disciples of all nations not of people. God’s aim is to change the way the systems of the world operate by putting in place His children to dominate the areas of influence. The church needs to up their level and influence decisions in media industry, and make impact on how the government decides to distribute resources. This is the calling of the church on earth. To dominate!!!
Wed, May 28, 2014
How to have societal reform: A] Raise disciples with a divine mandate of impacting the different kingdoms. B] To change the generation you need to know it. C] Know the system. D] Enter the system. E] Become influential.
Tue, May 27, 2014
The church has become sympathetic (passive), but in this season God is raising an empathetic (active) church because it’s time to change things! First way to effect societal reform: Raise disciples. Disciples walk in the principles of God; we are not a group of followers. Acts 1 speaks of Christians because the people who were the reference were doing what Jesus Christ did. The church is not supposed to be a high maintenance centre handing out miracles but a perfecting centre for societal reform.