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Sun, Feb 24, 2019

Vision Talk 2019: Lets WIN Effectively

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The purpose of a vision is for it to be implemented. "In every community there are bright, godly, loving people willing to benefit both God and their fellow Man." In 2019 our pursuit is to raise the value of: Work through City Leaders and Evangelism. Raise the value of intercession (City Lighthouse) and networking - City Social Presence.

The purpose of a vision is for it to be implemented.

In every community there are bright, godly, loving people willing to benefit both God and their fellow Man.
- Bright = intelligence which doesn't rely on formal education.
- Choose to serve God through your talents (skills), treasure (finances) and time.
- If godliness (love for God and the things of God) ain't in you,  no amount of brightness will make your impact effective.
- Proper prayer changes you first. You can never stand in God's presence without Him pouring His godliness in you.
- Love drives you to be a blessing to others.
- You need eyes to see, hands to touch and heart to feel what God has destined you to pay attention to.


To reconnect people to their God's intended design.
- Point people back to God.

* Provide a conducive environment which will foster Rest, Restoration and Release.
- It is only when you are rested that something within you is rebuild.
- Do all you can to become part of a small group as it ensures that you receive holistic care from the Church.
- Release - allow you to fully function in your God ordained ministry as a complete person.

** Impact communities with God's love
- People come to Church when they see the love of God manifesting.
- Teach people what you have learnt.
* Replicate Kingdom principles globally

* Values
- Faith - praying with confidence
- Character building - your behaviour should be in alignment with God's Word.
- Your behaviour plays an important role for the unsaved to make a decision for them to trust God.

- Protection - You need to protect others and not assassinate their characters.

- Training - discipleship plays a big role.

- Free move of the Holy Spirit.

* make sense of the mandate
* raise the value of evangelism
* accelerate evangelism
*  raise value of souls, social involvemt and service
* more on intercession

Without the best drives, the best ideas will remain as ideas on paper.

Never force yourself to possess what God has not yet intended you to have.
- Don't snatch positions from the older generation of leaders. Allow them to hand over the baton at the appointed time.
- Growth occurs gradually.
- Never be tempted to think that you know better than those who have gone before you.

2019, Raise the value of:
Work - City leaders and evangelism.
- Laziness is your worst enemy.
- You need to love and celebrate work.

Intercession - City Lighthouse
- There are things that human beings can't solve which require God's intervention.

Networking - City Social Presence
- 90% of our prayers are answered through people.
- Relationships are everything.
- Never neglect people.
- Solutions are always in people around you.
- Most relationships don't work because you get into them to take and not give.
- When you give, you will enjoy the principle of sowing and reaping.
- Anytime a person drains you withdraw from them and draw to those who empower you.
- Choose to be a blessing to those who come into your presence.

In a Church, people are everything.
- The Church is not after money but the salvation of people.

Five different ways a Church receives income:
-  Tithe
- Offering
- Special donations
- Fundraise
- Wind of the Spirit

Facilities and salaries
Training and development
Community involvement
Kingdom expansion - e.g Church planting

*2019 is the year of fruitfulness

** I will reveal Myself and reveal secret things to you.

* Expect miracles to happen this year

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