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Wed, Jan 16, 2019

Partnership with God: Time of Renewal Day 8, Jan 2019

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When transition between seasons and glories you will face challenges. When God gives you a gigantic prophecy, don't hide because of fear but rather prepare and align yourself for it. When God speaks there will always be opposition Partnership with God will not come easy because of the enemies resistance, opposition and challenges. Therefore choose to walk in discernment and live by the spirit of God to be victorious.
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We normally find ourselves facing challenges when we are in a season of transition
- When God gives you a gigantic prophecy, don't hide because of fear but rather prepare and align yourself for it.
- the enemy will do all he can to defeat you so as to ensure you to don't become who God has called you to be.
- Having a prophetic Word will not stop the enemy from attacking and overcoming you if you do not choose to hold onto God.

Spiritual warfare is a battle which happens inside of you.
- Anything that tries to take you out of the presence of God is a sign you are engaging in a spiritual warfare.
- Pray to God for a spirit of discernment.

Forms of resistance you will face:

1. The first resistance you will face is yourself
- The person who stands between you and your destiny is self.
- Moses protested against the Word of God because he felt he was not the best candidate for what God was calling Him to do.

2. People around you
- God will never send someone to accomplish what He has set for you to do.
- The enemy on the other hand, he uses people to distract you from fulfilling your calling.
- The battle you are engaged in isn't physical but spiritual.
- Don't fight people but the enemy
- Use the prophetic words that God has spoken over your life as a weapon to fight off the enemy.
- When you partner with God the enemy will never be able to overcome you.

3. What people say
Don't allow what people say negatively impact you.
- Never allow the enemy to steal your joy because of what people say about you.
- It is already certain, you are an overcomer. You have all you need to be victorious.

Whatever you have been called to be, be prepared, it will come with challenges.

4. Lack of resources
God's calling over your life isn't about your skills, finances, etc
- Do not allow the lack of resources to hinder you from obeying what God lays on your heart to do.
- Do your part and God will do the rest - Allow God to lead you into your purpose.

In the midst of battling with feelings of depression and wanting to give up, remember God is with you and has already won the battle on your behalf.

Forbid yourself from giving up and giving in.
- You are not defeated but victorious
- I will not take another step in defeat
- Choose to live in faith based on the prophetic words God has spoken over your life.

It is for freedom that Jesus came down to earth.
- As you partner with God refuse to settle for less, mediocrity and average in all domains of your life.
- You need to experience excellence.

Start taking note of the work of the Lord in your life.
- Testimony Jar 

Your worry should never be the resistance you face from the enemy but the state of your heart towards God.

Prayer Point
God, I refuse to settle for less, mediocrity and being average in any area of my life. I pray for the Spirit of excellence.

Take Away - Bishop Tshalo
Partnership with God will not come easy because of the enemy's resistance, opposition and challenges.
- Walk in discernment and live by the Spirit for you to overcome the enemy.

Fast and prayer comes to an end but it's impact is for a lifetime.