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Tue, Jan 15, 2019

God of Partnership: Time of Renewal Day 7, Jan 2019

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Partnership with God will guarantee you success in life. We need to learn to be diligent, have the spirit of excellence, in your work. In everything do, work at it as if working for God . As we partner with God let us do our best, take responsibility, and let God do the rest.
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You need to take time to reflect on the behaviour you do not like and make an effort to change it.

Partnership with God will guarantee you success in life.

Lessons from Jacob

Genesis 28:10 - 22
- Jacob partnered with God when he wasn't a 'somebody'.

Jacob ran away from home without anything in his hands or pockets.
- He made a commitment to partner with God at a time he didn't have anything.

Genesis 29:14 - 30
When you love something or someone, there is no price too big to pay for it.
- What is the state of your love for God and His Church?
- What is the state of your worship to God?
- Jacob worked for 14 years to be with Rachel, the woman he loved.
- Reflect on the state of your heart regarding giving and being a blessing to the Church and those God brings your way.

Genesis 30:25 - 43
Whenever you speak to God, He listens and holds you to your word.
- Be quick to fulfill your promises to God.

God gave Jacob an idea of how to create a species of sheep that had streaked stripes.
- Never fight someone whose God's  hand is upon their life; you will live a life of regret.

When the hand of God is upon your life, His favour will set you apart.
- Be prepared for people to reject and become jealous of you when God blesses you.

Genesis 31:1 -13
God has been seeing how you have been tricked and cheated.
- He is going to restore the years that the enemy has stolen.
- God will not allow the enemy to harm you.

God never forgets the covenant He has with you.
- Jacob got a revelation from God on how he would recover all that his uncle had stolen from him.

Colossians 3:22-25
Regardless of what you are going through, work as if you are doing it for God.
- Don't work to get praises from Man. Praise from Man does not last. It is God's praise that lasts for a lifetime.

There is no favouritism from God; He repays you according to how you have worked.

Genesis 31:13, 38 - 42
God has seen your hardship.
- God will intervene at the right time
- You need to continue working well, diligently and excellently.
- Jacob continued working well even though his wages were decreased 10 times!
- He didn't allow his circumstances to make him give up or affect his work ethic.

When you work for others work as if you are working for yourself.
- Work with excellence.
- In due season, God will ensure that everything that has been stolen from you is restored abundantly.
- God reminded Jacob of the prayer he made twenty years ago and was faithful to bless Him.

Prayer points:

  1. Pray for any situation that has been stubborn in your life
  2. Pray for wealth generating ideas
  3. Pray for the spirit of excellence in all you do.

Take Home - Bishop Tshalo 
As we partner with God, do your best so that He can do the rest.
- Discover your responsibilities in life, do them and God will do the rest.
- Do what's in your control and God will do what is in His control = partnership with God.

Vow to:
I. Revere God
- God hates gossip as it destroys the gossiper, the one listening to the gossip and the one who is being gossiped about.

II. Honor God
Through your finances/material stuff

III. Serve God
Serve God in all you do.

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