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Fri, Jan 11, 2019

The winning attitude you need to have after praying: Time of Renewal Day 5, Jan 2019

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A season of pruning leads to a great harvest and multiplication. Learn to write down the prophetic words spoken over your life and pray over them until they come to pass. As long as God has given you a promise do not stop praying about it until it manifest.
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Winning attitude after prayer:

I. Keep a heart of trust
Believe that the God whom you have been praying to, will answer your prayer.
- Mark 11:23 - 24

One of the reasons you need to trust God is because of His track record.
- Everything He says comes to pass.

Psalm 37:5
- When you commit your need to God, He will make sure it is fulfilled.
- Always remind yourself of what God has done in the past.

You can distrust people but forbid yourself not to trust God.

II. Attitude of thanksgiving
When you believe God has already done it, begin thanking Him until the promises manifest.
- Thanksgiving is both confession and praise.
- It creates an atmosphere of miracles.

In the midst of challenges, God has a way of blessing you.
- Make sure you don't miss the blessings because of the challenges you are facing
- Learn to thank God for His blessings even if they appear small and not what you feel you need in that moment.

Psalm 107:8-9
- No-one can ever satisfy you like how God can satisfy you.

Psalm 9:1-2
- Go into praise because He is worthy

III. Your thanksgiving must be accompanied by joy
Rejoice as you wait on God to come through for you.

IV. Wait on God's timing
God knows what you need and when it is best for you to receive it.
- It is in God's nature to spoil us with His blessings.

Allow God to love you in a way He knows is best for you to become whom He has called you to be.
- Allow God to mould you as a Potter moulds his clay.

As you wait, take it one day at a time
- Pray for God to do His will for your life no matter how challenging the process will be. You are guaranteed the end result will be in your favour.

Prayer Point
* Thank God for hearing your prayers and what He is still going to do.

Bishop Tshalo
From today begin to confess and believe that you are blessed by the Lord - I am blessed!

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