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Sun, Jan 06, 2019

The Way of Divine Blessing

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Living God’s way makes life productive and fulfilling. 1) Blessing is the work of God. The foundation of true blessing is made of:divine presence, divine purpose, divine power (Gen. 12:1-3). 2) Divine Blessing gives human life meaning and possibilities. The blessing of God has the capacity to affect drastically: i) what we have, ii) what we know, iii) what we do iv) who we are (Prov. 10:22). 3) There is a way Divine Blessing flows to human life. The blessing of God does not flow randomly; it requires intentionality: i) Separation - call for detachment, devotion, and dedication (Exod. 19:1-6), ii) Signs (reminders of God’s greatness, glory, and grace) Genesis 18:9-14), iii) Seasons - celebration of opportunities, wisdom, boldness, etc. (1 Chron. 12:32), iv) Sequence - invitation to decision, determination, discipline, and diligence (Prov. 13:11).

God - Elohim

i. Sovereign
 - He is God all by Himself, He does not need anyone's permission.

ii. Resourceful
-  He is full of possibilities.
- Nothing is too hard nor impossible for Him.

iii. Forethought
- He thinks things ahead of time
- He knows the end from the beginning
- You were in the mind of God from the beginning of time
- Everything was fixed before the foundation of time.
- He is in charge and in control
- As we progress in life, we are discovering what God already knows.

Until you understand what divine blessing is, you will find your walk with God difficult.
- God created Man to live in His permanent blessings.

Living God's way makes life fruitful and fulfilling

I. Fruitful
- Every time God blesses you, the first sign is productivity (fruitfulness).
- By December 31 you need to be able to identify how God has made your life fruitful.
- God blesses the work of your hands.

The biggest struggle of human beings is motion without progress.
- 2019 is your year of progress.
- God always completes His plan for your life and then walks you through it.

Am I productive in my life?

II. Fulfilment
- Joy and stability within yourself
- God stabilizes your heart

1. Foundation
Blessing is the work of God
- Blessing - supernatural endowment from God that enables you to be fruitful and productive.

1.1 Divine presence
God's presence needs to be established in your life
- Everything emanates from God
- As long as God is part of your life, everything is well.

Out of God proceeds all
- There is a hole in a human soul that can only be filled by God's presence
- Everything external you do or have is nothing if you don't have God

The presence of God doesn't nullify challenges but make challenges solvable.

True blessing is found in God
- Without God, your joy won't last for long
- A true blessing is the work of God

1.2 Divine Purpose
Focus on fulfilling God's purpose for your life.
- Never try to become someone who God did not make you to be.
- God has a specific purpose for your life which only you can fulfill.

In 2019 cling onto what God has called you to be.
- Don't compare yourself to other people.
- You can only be productive in what God has called you to be.
- If you function in a domain you are not called for, you will live a very frustrated life.

When God is with you and you are doing what He called you to do, you will live a fulfilled life and leave a great legacy.

1.3 Divine Power
It enables you to fulfill your purpose
- His power makes the impossible become possible.
- You need to live under the power of the Holy Spirit.

As you go through 2019, pursue God presence, purpose and His power.

Jeremiah 33:25, 33
- Pray to discover things that God knows that you don't know which will help you successfully achieve your life purpose.
- When you do life God's way, it pays
- When you don't do life God's way, it pays too.

Isaiah 55:6- 11
God wants to bless you but cannot if you are living life your way
- He is the source of true blessings
- Make the pursuit of God your priority - Pray because it is a vital part of life

In 2019 focus on aligning your ways and thoughts to God's ways and thoughts.
- If you want to enjoy God's best, let go of self pursuit and seek after God and His purpose for your life.

2. Importance
Divine blessing gives human life meaning and possibilities.
- You can never live a meaningful life if God doesn't bless you.
- Possibilities are opened by God.

Four levels of worth:
i. What you have
This is the lowest level of the value system
- It is God's blessings that give meaning to what you have.

ii. What you know
The person who knows is more powerful than the one who only has
- No one can take what you have in your mind
- God blesses you with the knowledge that helps you to keep producing
 - Knowledge of generating true wealth

iii. What you do
Being a blessing
- You become genuinely wealthy when you use the wealth and knowledge you have accumulated to bless others

iv. Who you are
When God truly blesses you, He gives you a great name.
- Pursue a Christlike character

3. Principle
The way Divine Blessing flows to human life

3.1 Separation
Detach yourself from worldly living and align yourself to God and His ways
- James 4:4-5

3.2 Signs
They are a reminder of God's greatness, glory and grace in your life.
- God's goodness in your life is a sign that He is actively involved in your life

3.3 Seasons
Kairos - celebration of opportunities
- You need to pay attention to opportunities in order not to miss God's blessings over your life.
- Don't wait for things to line up before you move.
- Sometimes the opportunities don't make sense in the current moment but will make sense at a later stage.
- Never neglect the opportunities God bring your way.
- Be bold to seize all opportunities God
- You need to understand the signs of time.

3.4 Sequence
Be disciplined, determined and diligent
- Life is an accumulation of making small efforts

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