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Fri, Apr 19, 2019

The Price of our Freedom

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Every human attempt to solve fundamental life's challenges without God's help has ended up in tragic defeat. Easter is the celebration of our emancipation. Similarly Easter's focal point is Jesus Christ the Pascal Lamb.

Every human attempt to solve fundamental life's challenges without God's help has ended up in tragic defeat.

1. Easter is the celebration of our emancipation (freedom).
- If you are a child of God, are you truly free?
- The cost of your freedom was the very life of God.
- If God died of you, you cannot live a life that doesn't reflect what He promised you; life in abundance.

A mindless community is a dangerous community.

Through Jesus's death, He restored our dignity and opened our world to endless possibilities.

Genesis 3:8-10
The loss of man is when your heart becomes deformed.
- Not reflecting God's heart.
- What is your current heart attitude?
- Freedom is always internal before it becomes external.

Everything that God uses increases value.
- Eg - leather has been increasing in value since God used it to cover Man's nakedness.

Everything that Man attempts to do without decreases value.
- Eg - Man tried to cover his nakedness with leaves and they have been decreasing in value ever since.

Exodus 3:14 -19
God's freedom sometimes feels like it brings with it more trouble.
- Freedom is more costly than being colonized.
- Sometimes, it is easier to stay in bondage because you are used to the bondage.

How free are you truly free?
- You are only free when you stop blaming others for your misery.

Exodus 3:18
There are certain things God provides us through others.
- Only God is able to take you out of difficulties.

Revelations 5:1 - 10
No one can solve human beings problems except Jesus.

Jesus died for you to:
I. Make you a King
Shape the future.

II. Make you a Priest
Connect and engage with heaven.

The power of Christianity is in your intimacy with God on a daily basis.
- Small things are very vital including connecting with God early morning.

If you are not careful, the more God blesses you the further you move away from you.

Ruling in life is easier when you are connected to the King of Kings.

Where in your life do you need to adjust  so that your relationship with God blossoms?

2. Easter's focal point is Jesus Christ the Pascal Lamb.

We look at:
i. His Presence
The presence of Jesus in our life exposes our inner consciousness.
- God seeks to restore us whilst Man seeks Jesus for their own personal gain motives (curiosity, general interest in what He is able to do, self interest to solve their gain or for the right motive = developing an intimate relationship with Him).
- Why are you seeking Jesus?
- If Jesus stops doing anything for you, will you still serve Him?
- Is your heart pure?
- Whoever the Son sets free is free indeed.

ii. His Passion
The cause of Jesus' s suffering:
* the powers that be = Rome
- Jesus was an enemy of Rome because He was called Christ and purposed to deliver Israel.
- The devil doesn't want you free because he wants you to remain in bondage and under oppression.

** the people:
- on the Sunday before the crucifixion the Israelites were ready to kill for Jesus. Five days later they wanted him dead.
- They didn't want to accept Jesus's way of freedom using the power of love.

Are you honouring Jesus at the level you know Him?

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