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Sun, May 22, 2016

The Lordship of Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour. Let us not fix our eyes only on his benefits without acknowledging His Lordship over lives. The position that Jesus Christ occupy in our lives must be our focus than just focusing on His benefits. Yes He is your saviour but have you given Him His position as Lord in your life?. The implications of the Lordship of Jesus Christ: (1) His Lordship implies His ownership. Jesus owns everything, He entrusted us with everything as stewards and we have to be accountable to Him. (2) His Lordship implies supremacy in authority. In Jesus Christ all things holds together. We have to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ through: (a) Denying yourself. (b) Take up your cross. (c) Follow Him (3) His Lordship implies the fullness of God. In Christ is found the fullness of God. Jesus Christ is God and because He is God: (a) He is able to fully reveal God to us. It takes God to reveal Himself, (b) He is able to redeem us. (c) He deserve to be worshipped.
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