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Mon, Apr 25, 2016

The generation that will stop the nonsense - Part II

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A generation that will stop the nonsense is a generation that knows its assignment. Elijah ran away from his assignment but the Lord told him to return to his assignment. Are you still in the place of your assignment or you have to go back to your purpose. There is unfinished business for this generation. What kind of man and woman will it take to take the nations back for Christ? The assignment requires the anointing. This generation needs an encounter with God. Where is your zeal? Jehu was zealous for the Lord. Jesus Christ was consumed by the zeal for His Fathers business. What is your first priority in life? Is it money, material things or its God. Purpose must go before material things, never allow humans or possessions to drive you away from your purpose. Christ's cross centred gospel is the answer to the world. This generation must be a generation of young people sold out for Christ. A generation that live for Christ and that is willing to lose their lives so as to stop the nonsense.
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