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Sun, Apr 24, 2016

The generation that will stop the nonsense

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The generation that will stop the nonsense.What kind of generation will the coming generation be? Generations before needed more of God while faced with less challenges than this generation. The older generation was zealous for Christ, never pushed to pray, never pushed to evangelize but this young generation is abandoned yet they face greater challenges - institutional endorsement of sin and lack of discernment, hence require more of God. The Christ's cross centered gospel is no more in this generation. Whatever takes the place of God in our lives, God will destroy it. Never allow a blessing, materials or even humans to substitute the place of God in your life. We are blessed to become a blessing. Do not accept things that shouldn't be accepted - enough is enough, let God be God. You are radically saved to radically serve God. A generation that will have an encounter with God.
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