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Sun, Oct 28, 2018

Thanksgiving Seminar: Uncommon Optimism of God

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When God chooses to walk with someone the state they are in does not matter. For there is something about God that is different to man. God always looks at the positive side. Thanksgiving is a function of relationship and accrued value out of that relationship. Tenacity of the love of God: 1) God perfects what he begins (Phil 1:16; Psalm 138:8). Christian faith is always under construction. 2) His love is persistent, pursuing and tireless (Exo 3:4; Judges 6:11-24). God loves even when there is no reason to. 3) God selection is sovereign (1 Cor 1:2-29; Judges 6:15). Walking with God is not about who you are but who you are with. God is always looking for what is best. Brokenness and failure need not to be final
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