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Sun, Jul 28, 2019

Switch: Kissing Goodbye Cycles of Failure and Defeat - Time of Renewal Day 1

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The point of continuous failure is where we find lots of frustrations. Our point of failure is caused by illusion, wrong perception of reality. Faith helps us face reality instead of disconnecting from it. For us to tear down the fortresses of illusion we have to dependent on the parakletos, our advocate and comforter the Holy Spirit. Dependency is allowing God to be in full control and fully depending on him
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There is a point in life that feels like you are stuck in cycles of failure and bound to not succeed.

Persevering in failure is from the devil.
- It's living the same unfruitful way and experiencing the same negative outcomes.

The place of your failure reveals that your main problem is self.
- You can only come out of defeat when you work on yourself.
- God wants you to focus on yourself in relation to your relationship with Him.

You can never succeed by just looking at the problem.
- Your problem might be unique but it's solution requires a holistic intervention in all areas of your life.

What frustrates people is not the depth of failure but it's continuity and possible permanence.
- This is a place where people change for the worst.

The place of failure is a place of revelation.
- God allows seasons of repeated failure so you learn and grow.

John 13:35-38
Peter believed he was very different from the other disciples.
- Peter was well meaning but failed quite often.
- Peter denied Jesus three times, something he thought he would never do!
- How could someone with good intentions reach such a level of failure?

After the burial of Jesus, Peter suffered psychological trauma.

Faith helps you to face reality.
- Illusion is a disconnection from reality.
- Your perception of reality controls you and not faith in God.
- Faith is never by mistake; it's intentional.

Illusions can impact all areas of your life.
- Illusions do not allow you to hear the voice of God.

There are times we believe God is in what we we are doing whilst in actual fact He isn't.

The devil can make us live comfortably in defeat and uncomfortable in glory.

The power of illusion makes people think they can see whilst they are actually blind.
- People who tend not to pray tend to believe they can see everything.

Illusion - disconnect from reality.
- Until you name your problem, you will not be healed.
1 Samuel 1
Hannah was illusioned by the desire of wanting a son.
- It's only when she surrendered her desire in God's presence did she realize that our purpose in life isn't to have kids but to live for God.

We need to tear down the fortresses of illusions.

John 21:15
In every domain, Jesus is a specialist.
- He can fix what no Man can fix.
- He is able to make the impossible become possible.
- Jesus wants to turn things around in your life for the good.
Peter was able to express his love for Christ at a time where he was feeling guilty of denying Jesus 3 times.
- Jesus redeemed Peter to enter into an ultimate partnership with Him.
- Peter had 3 opportunities to declare his love for Jesus for the three times he had denied Him.
- God has a way of creating an environment of restoration, restitution and rehabilitation.
- You need to be open and willing to connect yourself to what God is doing in each season despite how you feel.

John 21:18
Maturity in the Bible isn't about age but dependency on God.
- You can never reach your full potential by yourself. You need Jesus.
- There is way you need to live your life that only Jesus can lead you on.

Comforter - 1 John 2:1
- Advocate - the Holy Spirit is your Defender and Warrior.
- He is ready to transform your life wholly.
- Allow the Holy Spirit to take control of your life. He will take you to levels you were not able to reach before.
- God wants to heal, restore and transform you in areas where it seemed impossible.

God wants to redeem the years, talents, paths & journeys lost.

John 15:15
Without Jesus, you are nothing.

Summary - Bishop Tshalo

  1. Failure is caused by the power of illusion.
  2. Dependency on the Holy Spirit is the solution to breaking cycles of failure.