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Sun, Jun 10, 2018

Secrets of Unbroken Success

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Success does not perpetuate itself by chance; it’s often through instruction and inspiration that any population group attain true development (gradual growth or progress, more useful, better). In order to successfully pass on a God honoring-People empowering legacy, there is at least seven priority needs (necessary duties): 1) The need to be forward-thinking - Pioneering, Prioritizing, Planning and Strategizing. 2) The need to determine one’s ultimate desired outcome. God’s honor and People’s edification. 3) The need to be fruitful. Abide in Christ, Be Christ-like and Do life in a life-giving way. 4) The need to be impactful. There’s no real impact without influence. Influence is a resultant of trust, respect, and like-ability. 5) The need to remain true to the tenets of our Christian Faith. Foundational truths frame our worldview which dictates our behavior. 6) The need to adapt our methods coupled with the courage to not adopt the prevailing culture. 7) The need to courageously seize all God-given opportunities to turn things around for the better.
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