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Sun, Aug 07, 2016

Scattered in the city

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Throughout generations, God has always scattered His people as seeds to respond to the needs of His humanity. As seeds in Gods' hands we don't have to choose where God must plant us but to go where He is scattering us to. It's not by chance that you are where you are today, it is His plan for your life. The church exists to do what matters to God. What kind of people does God us to fulfill His purpose? The scattered community (Acts 8:4-8) 1. People shaped by the word of God (Jeremiah 20:7-9) 2. People filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts1:8) 3. People strengthened by faith (Matthew 17:18-20) 4. People energized through prayer (Acts 4:31) 5. People compelled by love (2 Corinthians 5:14-20) What Really is going on in our city? - City life has always a dark side to it - The church must not be ignorant of its mandate in the city - The church must be discerning the real issues in the city. Where to from here? - The church must move from praise to proclamation - From ministry to mission
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