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Sun, Feb 03, 2019

Principles for Partnership with God

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God is moving us to a state of being blessed (productive and fulfilled) but we need to partner with him. Partnership with Him requires us to observe certain critical principles: 1) Acknowledging God as your source. 2) Doing God’s work God’s way. 3) Acting in faith.

God's requirements for partnership:
- preparation
- remove all obstacles on the way

Luke 5:1-7
The fishermen were washing their nets.
- When fishermen wash their nets it shows they are done fishing.
- They had given up since they had not caught any fish.

In verse 7, the same fishermen after following the instruction of Jesus, they were able to get fish to the point that the boat began sink.
- Verse 2 was a place of disappointment, suffering, giving up, defeat and lack. Verse 7 was a place of abundance, productive, fulfilled, trying again, victory and more than enough such that they had to call other fishermen to come and partake.

Between verse 2 and verse 7, Jesus stepped onto the scene.
- It is a place of partnership with God
- When Jesus released His Word, it attracted fish to the fishermen nets.

In 2019,  God is moving you to a place of abundance, victory and more than enough.

Partnership - God does 90% and we only have to do 10%. God does what He can only do and allows you to do what you can do.

Principles for partnership with God

1. Acknowledge God as your source
Isaiah 22:11; 2 Chronicles 32
Never forget what God has done in and through your life.
- One of our greatest weaknesses as human beings is our forgetfulness of God in the use and appropriation of those things He has provided for us.
- We tend to focus on our blessings and not the Blesser.
- When God blesses us, He still wants to take the centre stage of our lives.
- Some people are not humble but it's their circumstances that are restraining them.

Sometimes God chooses not to bless us because He knows when He does, He will lose us.
- They are things God won't release in your life until you deal with your character.
- Never forget God when the circumstances in your life change for the better.

When the water from the reservoir becomes sweet, do not forget God who gave it to you.
- Deuteronomy 8:17-18
- God is the One who makes everything happen in your life.
- When you become successful do not forget God who made it possible.

God desires for us to succeed
- Any definition of success that excludes God is incorrect.

Success is the continuing achievement of becoming the person who God wants you to be and accomplishing the goals God has helped you to set - Charles F. Stanley
- Success that doesn't have God at its centre isn't true success.
- The goals you are accomplishing should be the ones that God has helped you to set.

True success isn't the acquiring of wealth.

Are you continually becoming the person who God has called you to be.

Matthew 17:27
There was nothing special about the fish, water or timing.
- It is the Words of Jesus which created the coin needed to pay the tax.
- We tend to want hold onto the fish and let go of God who is the Source.
- Don't put your focus on the resources and neglect the Source of the resources.

Learn to acknowledge God as your source in all things.

2. Do God's work, God's way
2 Samuel 6:1-7
Why did Uzzah die?
- Uzzah died because he tried to stop the ark of God from falling from the cart.
- He was doing God's work but not in God's way.

Why were the Israelites carrying the ark of God in a cart?
Exodus 25:14
- Earlier, God had instructed them to carry the ark on poles on their shoulders and not a cart.
- The Israelites chose to copy the Philistines's way of doing things by moving the ark through a cart and not God's instruction of using the poles on their shoulders.
- God had not changed His instruction even though it seemed easier to move the ark via the cart and not the poles.

No matter how sophisticated the world becomes, in some things you must remain old fashioned.
- You need to choose to remain committed to how God has instructed  you.
- Live your life in a way that honours God.

Uzzah died doing God's work but not through God's way.

Are you doing God's work (lifestyle) in God's way.
- Do not compromise on purity and holiness.
- God is holy and He values holiness in us.
- How do you live a life of holiness as single or married person?

When you partner with God, do it His way even when you are tempted to compromise.
- Rather suffer than compromise on what God has laid on your heart to do.

3. Act in faith
You can never partner with God without learning to act in faith
- Faith is action packed.

Faith is proven by two things:
- How you obey God - God at the centre of my action.
- How you worship Him - God at the centre of my life.

Faith is a yardstick which measures how far you go with God.
- Your faith determines how your life becomes and how far you go with God.

Luke 5:5-6
The fishermen nets began to break.
- In reality, Jesus instructed the fishermen to let down their nets when the conditions were not favourable and it was too late for them to fish (best time to fish is at night).
- The fishermen obeyed God when it didn't make sense.
- The fishermen caught fish in broad daylight at the Word of Jesus.

NBA - Net Breaking Anointing!!!
- The anointing that doesn't respect the circumstances nor seasons, timing, methodology and makes no sense.
- It brings abundance, acceleration and grace to try again.
- Malachi 3:10

Do not give up on God even when it seems like He is late and there is no longer hope.
- God promised us a Savior in Genesis 3 but His Word only manifested 4000 years later in John 1.
- This isn't the season for you to give up but rather to act in faith again.
- God has already declared that the warfare is over.

No matter what you going through, obey whatever God lays on your heart to do.
- Do not allow past disappointments to stand in the way of receiving your breakthroughs.

When the net breaking anointing comes over your life, it impacts those around you too.

God is moving us to a state of being blessed ( productive and fulfilled) but we need to partner with Him. The following are the principles for partnering with God:
-  Acknowledging God as your source
- Doing God's work, God's way
- Acting in faith

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