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Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Numbering your days

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No matter how old you are, pray that when you leave this earth you have lived a purpose driven life. You waste or improve your life one day at a time . Try to count the number of days that you have been alive. How many of those days do you remember? Remember you lived them; time moves so fast. When God asks you to account for the time you have lived what are you going to say?

Numbering your days


Time is your most valuable resource. Wasted days will lead to wasted time which results to a wasted life. The key to life is to get connected to your purpose as early as possible.


Time Wasters

  1. Being out of God’s will
  2. Unresolved issues – Ephesians 4:26: When there are issues to resolve, resolve them today. Let yesterday problems stay in yesterday. God’s mercies are new every morning.
  3. Wrong company/choices – Deuteronomy 30:19-20: Being in good company helps you make wise decisions. You need to provoke one another unto good works. We live in a world that doesn’t believe in progress and success. It believes more in not making it than making it. Hang around the right people who will push you to progress. For every success there is a price to pay
  4. Postponing: You need to be stable in what you are called to do. Lack of vision leads to perishing – Proverbs 29:18

How to Maximize Your Day

  1. Put God first in your life – Matthew 6:33: Your day becomes more productive and fruitful When you put God first; He maximizes your life. Your life become a million times better; God will direct your path, aligns you to divine connections.
  2. Lean hard on God’s grace – 1 Corinthians 15:10: In whatever area God has graced you in lean hard and perfect it
  3. Be quick to repent and obey God – Hebrews 4:7: It breaks the cycle of moving in circles
  4. Embrace God’s seasons: When God says a season is done He knows what He is doing; embrace it.
  5. Choose the hard and difficult things instead of the easy and nice things – John 12:27: It’s the hard things of life that takes us further. Take the road that’s less travelled. Every purpose fulfillment comes with a cost.
  6. Readily embrace new ideas
  7. Make the right decisions for your life – Deuteronomy 30
  8. Deal with today’s problems today – Matthew 6 vs 34: If you cant solve it give it to God
  9. Learn to say no to mediocrity, failure, defeat like a girl say no wanting to maintain her purity
  10. Have a vision for your life – Proverbs 29:18


It is up to you how your life will end! Every purpose fulfillment comes with a cost. It is up to you how your life will end - Bishop Musa Sono


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