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Sun, Dec 23, 2018

Make Room for the Truth

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MAKE ROOM FOR THE TRUTH LUKE 1:26-38 Martin Luther said once: “There’re three noticeable miracles in the nativity; the Word became flesh, a virgin conceived, Mary believed. And the greatest is Mary believed.” Truth. This self-expression of God; his mind, will, character, capacity, and being as potent as it’s can be beneficial to humanity only if it finds a willing instrument. The unique significance of the incarnated Truth: -salvation for all is a real possibility -a perfect template for reality is finally observable -society’s landscape can change for better -new world-order is here to stay Mary received a divine visitation in Nazareth. One of the most remarkable things about God is his ability to visit unremarkable people in unremarkable places. Mary became a recipient of: God’s favor God’s presence God’s blessing Mary believed that God could: *empower her beyond her wildest dream. *make her a great source of blessing for scores of people throughout generations. Mary made room for the Truth by: Believing that God can do the impossible. Yielding to the Holy Spirit to pull it off. Merging her will into God’s Will.
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