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Sun, Apr 21, 2019

Life Through the Risen Christ

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Christianity is not based on opinions , but upon facts.Therefore, the Christian power resides in the resurrection life of Christ. When Jesus cried tetelestai (it is finished) he overcame the powers of darkness and we are free because Jesus died on the cross and he resurrected. .
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Christianity is not based on opinions but upon facts. Therefore, the Christian power resides in the resurrection life of Christ.

*Birth of Christ

** Death of Christ
- Salvation is the result of the death of Christ.
- In defeat we found our victory.

Tetelestai - it is finished because:
- God gave us victory over our enemies.
- - Christianity is a religion founded on victory.

- God declared you innocent from the enemy's accusations.
- - Jesus's death freed you from all condemnations.

- God cleared your debt.
- - The price Jesus paid made you become a citizen of heaven.

The burial of Christ:
- Proof that Jesus really died.
- It was a fulfilment of scriptures - God's decision that Jesus would die and rise again.
- It gave opportunity to those who had died to receive salvation.

Sin killed Jesus as it separated Him from God.
- Whenever, you separate yourself from God due to sin, you are dead to sin.

* Resurrection of Christ

The Risen Christ

1 Corinthians 15:1-5; 12-20; 55-58

Jesus Christ controls the course and climax of history.
- He is the only One in charge of everything!
- Only when Jesus rose from the grave, He possessed all that God has purposed for Him.
- Him alone is capable to control the coarse of life and how it is going to end.
- Whatever happens to you it happens under Christ's control.

Your victory is based on how you perceive the challenges you face.
- You need to embrace fully who Jesus is and what He is able and willing to do in your life.
- Jesus is all powerful by the nurture of who He is.
- Jesus has the final say in your life.

The program of Christ:
* to destroy and defeat satan.
- Beyond the blood of Jesus, the devil cannot touch you.

** to dwell among His people.

The Christian Life

Five benefits from the resurrection of Christ:
i. Something precious to hold on to; The Good News.
- Jesus can handle and has control of all the issues in your life. He has the last word.
- Your attitude matters to God as it determines your level of faith in Him.
- Your mindset needs to align itself to the mind of God.
- Don't lower yourself to believing the devil has more control over your life than God.
- 90% of your challenges are due to the fault line between your mindset and your faith in God.

You should never pray out of panic.
- God is trustworthy and has everything under control.

ii. Some credible people to listen to
Credible - credit = adding value
- Every preaching that credible pastors' bring adds value into your life.
- Allow the Word to shape you as God has purposed for your life.
- God's Word is able to turn around your life for the better.

Believe in the Word that is preached to you.
- As you listen to God's Word it changes you inside out.

Poverty is not lack of money but poor thoughts.
- The Word of God changes the way you think.
- Life is changed by the power of your words.
- The Word of God is able to change everything in your life.

iii. Something useful to cherish.
Your faith needs to be functional for it to be useful.

Body of truth written in the Bible that becomes the bedrock you base your life.

Nothing can stand between God's promises over your life and their fulfilment.
- He will make a way for them to come to pass against all odds.

iv. Something beyond this life to look forward to.
- You are guaranteed of an eternal life.

All is not lost
Whatever you have sacrificed for Christ through your time, talents and treasures; it is not lost.
- Christianity is a life of sacrifice.
- When you serve the Lord, all is not lost; there is a reward in heaven waiting for you.

All are not lost
You will get to meet your loved ones who died in the Lord in eternal life.

v. Something worth to live for
* Stand firm - don't allow life challenges to move you away from God

** Let nothing move you - don't let anyone take away what you have gained in Christ.

* Give yourself fully to the work of the Lord.
- Spend all your life serving the Lord.

** Your labour in the Lord is not in vain.
- Doing things for God is not in vain.

Make an effort to promote Jesus.
- Let's live for the glory of God and the good of God's people.

Right now counts forever!
- Whatever you do now counts forever because eternity is forever.

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