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Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Life in a local Christian Church

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A local Church is a gathering of a people called out of this world system in order to function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Life in a local Church was meant to be both fulfilling and fruitful. With a key mandate to glory God and to edify God's people.
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Life in a local Church was meant to be both fulfilling and fruitful

We come to Church for God to do something in us; fulfilment.
- Fulfilment = satisfaction of your soul.
- Life in a local Church shouldn't be draining but refreshing.
- The Church needs to act like a filling station where your soul gets replenished.

We come to Church for God to do something through us; fruituflness.
- You need to be a blessing to those around you.
- God needs to use you for a purpose.

Main Objective
"Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable," Myles Munroe.
- The reason why there is chaos in a Church is because people don't know the purpose of the Church.
- Never reduce what God has put into your hands or in you.
- Never worsen what is entrusted to you.
- Never be the cause of someone's pain.
- Your fruitfulness should lead to someone's fulfilment.

For instance, the purpose of food is energy provision. However, people tend to eat for comfort or escape. This results in one's body being affected negatively as food is being used for something outside of its purpose.

A local Church is a gathering of a people called out of this world system in order to function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
- Our lives should be very different compared to those who are not saved yet.
- Whoever you choose to be your Lord determines how you live your life.

Main objectives of the Local Church:
I. To glorify God
1 Chronicles 22:5
The reputation of the Church is one of the means of attracting people to Jesus.
- Most Church growth is due to people realizing that life in a local Church is both fulfilling and fruitful.

Do not just attend Church, you need to prepare yourself prayerfully.
- Be careful on how you interact with others as it will influence them to either attend Church or leave Church.

How can I make God popular?

II. To edify God's people
The greatest commandment - love your neighbour as you love yourself.
- Your lifestyle should attract people to God.
- Isaiah 2:3

Is my presence making people better  or worse?
- Is God glorified through my lifestyle?

Why is it that often times a local Church is not a glad thing anymore?
i. The heart of the one who comes to the House of the Lord.
- Reflect on the state of your heart towards the Church and how it is impacting it.

ii. The experience in the House of the Lord
- Many people have been hurt due to their relationships with some people in Church.
- Do not create stumbling blocks through bad experiences.

Christian life is a partnership of trust between God and His people; we enjoy His gracious blessing while we carry out our work of faith.

  The 5 main activities each member of an local Church needs to engage in:
* Worship
We come to Church to worship God
- Create an environment where the reality of God is experienced and acknowledged.

** Fellowship
Two fellows in one ship
- Life in a local Church becomes effective when everyone takes a portion of pastoral care and be of support to others.

* Discipleship
To become like Christ.

** Service
It is abnormal to be a member of a local Church and not serve.
- You need to use your talents, time and treasure to serve God and the local Church.

*** Mission/evangelism

You need to participate in at least one of the activities.
- When you genuinely serve it is hard to destroy what you are helping to build.

Whatever you do in a local Church make it viable because you never know where God is leading you.
- You will reap what you sow.

Our coming to the House of the Lord should have a positive impact in the cities of our Lord.
- We do life in the local Church to impact the city.

Main Players
Without the best drivers, the best ideas will just remain ideas on paper.
- A local Church needs people who will not just discuss a situation but will do something about it.
- Anything that bothers you, God is calling you to do something about it.

God is looking for:
i. Dreamers
Visionaries who think of how things could become.
- Share your ideas to the Church leadership.

ii. Interpreters
Breaks down the dream into achievable goals

iii. Implementers
Ultimately, someone has to roll up their sleeves and do something.

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