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Sun, Jun 14, 2015

Let the Painter Paint

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Only the painter knows exactly what the final canvas will look like. We are canvases going under painting process by God (The Painter). As believers we are created in the image of God and we are mobile canvases or we freedom to choose. Therefore we have to be stationary and allow the painter to finish painting without premature interruption. Our positioning with God determines how our final picture will look like. No matter how good or how painful each paint stroke can be, let us be stable and know that God knows what He is doing.

let the painter paints

  • Have you felt that the walls that are supposed to protect you but they are exposing you, have you ever felt and asked yourself that where is God in your life?
  • The man (demon possessed) was in a tomb. How many of us are still in our tombs (not really physical tombs). Jesus went through the storm with all his servants/disciples just for one man - to deliver that demon possessed man. Wouldn't it be good if we value people as God values them?
  • The devil knows what is going to happen in your life when you are going to experience deliverance, breakthrough, healing, promotion etc., and he coincidentally tries to alter or to disturb God's plan about your life.
  • The demons that did not want to leave the region make us see that bad company corrupt good morals. We must not neglect the fellowship of brethren. Let's be very careful and not try to explain everything while we still sitting in the sit of scoundrels. 
  • There are demons that might leave you but they are attached to that same region. It's important when you leave something for an example, a bad behavior - also stay away from that bad company/that area because you might get those demons back which are dominating in that area. 
  • If our lives are a canvas then God is our painter. Each stroke God paints in our lives leaves a permanent mark. You graduate, get married, get a job all those form different kinds of strokes and only God (Painter) that knows the final product. It will be disastrous to disturb the painter on His job. 
  • It feels so good when we experience strokes that favours us but when the strokes makes no sense e.g academic exclusion, loneliness, loss, sickness etc., it's very difficult and confusing but what do you do? Don't try to get out of something prematurely, but let everything finish its cause. Let the painter finish His strokes because He has got a perfect final product.
  • A physical canvas doesn't move. We are mobile canvases and when God is about to write a stroke we move and then the stroke lends on the wrong spot which was not ideally intended by God. We move at the wrong times.
  • God sends trials as a gift so that He may see how much faith we have in Him.
  • We pray to God that He may use us, break us, mould us, make us the people He wants us to be, but we disturb Him in his painting. Let us be still and allow God to Finish up His painting.
  • God is a faithful Painter, He never misses His lines. He never moves, He is on His position and it is only us who keep on moving.
  • God is so creative, my stroke is not your stroke and my picture is not the same as your picture. We must stop looking at other people‚Äôs canvas and say I want that stroke, I want that piece etc. God has designed a different stroke and picture that is yours alone not like any other person's strokes/picture.
  • Don't ignore your strokes. Each painting has got its theme. How many of us have prematurely stopped the painting. God knows too much, where you are right now might look or make no sense to where you are going, but there's no way that the canvas may know what picture the Painter is painting. Let us let God do His will in our lives and paint the picture.
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