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Thu, Jan 17, 2019

Help from an Unlikely Source: Time of Renewal Day 9, Jan 2019

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Networks are relationships that are fostered to usher you into the next level. Whenever God wants to do something, he will always use man. God will send help from an unlikely source but He wants you to be open and discerning so not to fall to trap of what He didn't send.
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I. God will bring help from unlikely people

- Relationships used for sharing information
- God is bringing relationship which are going to be useful in 2019 to usher you into the next level
- Whenever, God wants to do something in your life, He will bring a Man (man or woman) to assist you.
- The greatest miracle you will ever need in your life is God sending the right Man into your life.
- For instance, God sent Jesus to save humanity. He had to become a Man in order to be our Saviour.

If there is no Man to recognize what God has put in you, you will not be able to reach your full potential.
- Every single person in The Bible who rose to prominence needed a Man.
- For example, Moses and Joseph.

May God sent you the Man you need  - It is God who connects us to our destiny helpers.
- No matter what the enemy has planned for your life, God will sent help from unlikely sources.
- Moses and the Hebrew midwives

Joshua and the Gibonites
-  God has way of bringing you the help you need.

2. God has a way of bringing help from unlikely places
- When you are in partnership with God, He will send you help from the least places you expected it from.
- God has a way of taking care of His own children.
- God has the hearts of everyone in His hands and will move them for your welfare.
- God sent Elisha to get help from a widow.

2 Kings 4:38-44
No matter what the enemy plans, God will turn it around for your good.

The Man from Baalishalisha appeared when the prophets least expected it
- God provided them with bread during a severe drought.

3. You must open up to God to heal your heart due to past hurts
- Don't close off people because of what you have been through.
- There is no way God is going to use a Man to help you to go to the new level if your heart is bitter.
- Until the walls you have built in your heart come down, you won't be able to develop meaningful relationships.

 It's time to forget the former things - Isaiah 43:19
- If God instructed the Israelites to forget about the wondrous miracles He did in the past, how much more would He want us to forget about our own hardships and victories in preparation of future blessings.
- Anytime you hold onto the past, both good or bad, you won't be able to connect to the next level God has for you.

4. It is God who opens our hearts to discern relationships
As much as God sends Man to take you up, Satan uses Man to take you down.
- You need to enter relationships with a spirit of discernment
- Nehemiah - Tobia made it seem like they wanted to assist but their motive was to stop the rebuilding of the wall.
- There are certain relationships you need to let go off as they are holding you back.

5. God must help us to be obedient when we are the destiny helpers.
- Will you be an instrument to become a Destiny helper for someone else?
- Many people only focus on them receiving help but not willing to be of help to others.
- As you help others, God will take you to the next level.

Three types of relationships you need to have; one under you, one same level as you and one above you.
- You need to be willing to pour out into other people and support them to become who God called them to be.

3 things you need to focus on in your relationships:
I. Be faitithful to the relationships that God has entrusted you with
- 1 Corinthians 4:2
- All relationships God brings your way are for the benefit of His Kingdom.
- First is the kingdom and the rest follows.

II. You must be loyal
Do not betray people that God has used to help you to be where you are today.

David and Jonathan's relationship
- David made it a point to take care of Jonathan's family even though he was dead
- Don't forget where you came from

III. Guard against offense
Acts 24:16 (Amp)
The one thing that stops you from receiving their blessings is feeling offended.
- You have to fight against the spirit of offense.
- Don't feel offended by God or Man because of being disappointed by them.
- Sometimes, God creates situations which are likely to offend you to test your character.
- Learn to let go and not be offended when people hurt you.
- The spirit of offense leads you away from the presence of God.

Prayer points
1. Pray for the relationships that God is going to bring your way for them to add value into your life.
2. Pray for you to be faithful, loyal and not to take offense in the relationships that God has brought into your life.

3. Pray for the place you need a door open and for God to move the Man who needs to open that door.

Bishop Tshalo
- Learn there are some boundaries that you can never cross in a relationship.

God will send me help from unlikely sources.Therefore, I need to be open and discerning.

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