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Sun, Dec 09, 2018

God of the Eleventh Hour

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Life is a competition and until the last whistle goes off you cannot give up but have to push. God wants us to have faith when he speaks. We must not give into the pressure. We must put pressure on the devil rather than allow him to put pressure on us. Whatever God says, he does it, he doesn't forget. 2018 is a year of laughter and whatever happens to us we must not lose focus. All that the devil does is to distract us so we shift focus, he comes to break momentum (Matt. 24: 28-31). Focus is a critical trait for a faith filled christian. How to stay focused: 1) Call on God. As humans we are limited. Only God can define God, we know in part. 2) Worship God. The nature of God (the being), is greater than what He is capable of (His doings). Similarly worship (who God is) is much greater that praise (what God does). When we worship we can win major battles in a very calm way.
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