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Wed, May 30, 2018

Contending for the Faith (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 4)

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Jude (Judas) was the Servant of Christ and a Brother of James and Jesus. What was Jude’s Purpose? 1) Confront and denounce the false teachers. 2) Guard and protect the church from danger. 3) Encourage believers to maintain their faith. What was the Problem? 1) . Christ’s Warnings. 2) Paul’s Warnings. 3) Jude’s Warning and Challenge. Two Errors Jude Addressed: 1) License – Jude 4. 2) Rejection of the Lordship of Jesus – Jude 5. How do we Contend for the Faith? 1) Believe it. 2) Proclaim it. 3) Guard it. Dangers Facing Today’s Church and Leaders: 1) Extreme doctrinal teachings. 2) Exaltation of man – humanism. 3) Abandoning the authority of scripture. 4) Consumerism – conforming to worldly standards to attract people. Jude's Challenge to remain strong: 1) Remember God’s Word (Jude 17-18). 2) Build Up Yourselves in Prayer (Jude 20). 3) Show Mercy (Jude 22-23).
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