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Tue, May 29, 2018

A Church of Influence (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 3)

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Influence is the ability to change the course of someone's future. For one to have impact influence is key. Primary Principles of Understanding Influence: 1) Everybody has influence. 2) Influence can be positive or negative. 3) God expects me to use influence. 4) Our influence is for the benefit of others. 5) If I'm not influencing them, they are influencing me. 6) The greatest contributor of influence is trust. Three key influences: people Trust you, people Respect you and people Like you. The Purpose of our Influence: Influence is for two legitimate reasons: 1) Mission - promoting the gospel and 2) Ministry - serving and helping others. God will judge how I use my influence. Two Images of Influence: 1) We are called to be the Salt (seasoning and preservation) and the Light of the world. Six Ways to Make the Greatest Impact With Others: 1) Our integrity. 2) Our words. 3) Our attitude. 4) Our lifestyle. 5) Our care for others and 6) Our prayers. In summation, increased influence will always require a price to be paid. Influence can grow in four different levels: Modeling, Motivation, Mentoring and Multiplying. Be careful who influences you and how you are influencing others.
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