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Sun, May 27, 2018

Preparing for Legacy (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 1)

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Building a legacy requires preparation. A legacy is an inheritance or quality handed down from a previous generation. Preparing for a legacy requires forward thinking and following basic principles. Fundamentals of Godly a Legacy: 1) Scripture places a priority on one’s legacy. 2) A Godly Legacy has great value. 3) Legacy is built on how we live and serve. 4) God keeps a Legacy Scorecard. 5) Our legacy is a personal choice.

A research was conducted with people over 90 years about what they would have wanted to do differently with their lives. The main three responses were:
i. Taken more risks
ii. Spent more time in reflection
• When you reflect, you become creative and innovative
iii. Done more to leave a legacy, something to pass on to the next generations

How are you going to finish your race?
- Many people do not finish their assignment on earth well.
- What do you need to do differently to finish your assignment?

- Legacy – inheritance handed down from a previous generation.

Everyone will leave a legacy
- The question is what kind of legacy are you going to leave behind?

If Jesus decides to take you home today, will you be satisfied by the legacy you are going to leave behind?

Fundamentals of a Godly legacy:
1. Scripture places a priority one’s legacy – Proverbs 22:1 & Acts 20:24
God is a God of legacy
- Life is not about you.
- You need to live based on God’s Word and purpose for your life.

Do you know the task/assignment/purpose that God has given you?
- 2 Timothy 4:7; Acts 13:36
- Are you fully engaged in serving God in your generation?
- Legacy is important to God so it has to be important to you too.
2. A Godly legacy has great value
What kind of legacy are you leaving behind?
- Proverbs 22:1
- Reputation – when someone speaks about you, what kind of thoughts come to their mind?
- What kind of name do you have amongst people?
- Accumulating riches without a good name is fruitless.

What is in a name?
- Names are important to God such that He changes people’s names to match His purpose for them.
- Example – Jacob=>Israel; Saul=>Paul and Abram => Abraham
- Your name is connected to the life you live and the legacy you are building.

Living the right legacy will have positive results in future generations.
- Names are connected to legacy.
- What will people say when your name is mentioned? What will you be remembered for?

Built a legacy which doesn’t give the enemy a foothold of destroying it.
- A Godly legacy is invaluable.

3. Legacy is built on how we live and serve
It is not about tangible inheritance but how you live and what you do on a daily basis.
- A good name = a good legacy
- God has a destiny and a purpose for your life

Legacy is determined by how you fulfil God’s purpose for your life through the way you use your time, talent and treasure He has invested in you.
- What do you value? The eternal or material? – Mark 10

How do we steward what God has invested in us?
- You need to be serious about stewarding the time, talent and treasures that God has given you.
- How will you answer to Jesus for all the resources He has invested in you?
- How are you stewarding the time, talents and treasure God has given you?
- Are you using what God gave you to make eternal results?

4. God keeps a legacy scorecard
God always sums up the way we lived our lives
- Sometimes earthly achievements are not important to God but rather how we have lived our lives before Him and the state of our hearts,
- Example – 2 Chronicles 12:13-14
- Is your heart set on seeking the Lord?
- Example – 2 Chronicles 14:2

God is keeping a legacy scorecard
- How are you doing?

5. Our legacy is a personal choice
A legacy is passed onto the next onto the next generations
- There is no guarantee that your successor will follow the legacy you have built.
- Some successors undo the work you have built.
- 2 Chronicles 32:32 – 33:33 -> Manasseh – forgotten – he chose to undo his father’s legacy
- You need to make choices on how to build on other people’s good legacies.

You need to follow God’s guidance against all odds.
- You need to choose God’s purpose for your life above all, at all cost.

Is what you living for worth dying for?
- A Godly legacy is a choice to live for an eternal purpose/

What eternal difference are you making? They can include:
- Ensuring that your family is saved (salvation)
- Influencing others through your life
- Discipling and mentoring others
- Using your time, talent and treasures to further the kingdom of God.

What are you doing to ensure that you are living and will leave a Godly legacy?
- Live and serve to have a Godly legacy.

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