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Thu, Aug 02, 2018

Anointed to Do Good Works - Time of Renewal Day 5

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You have authority to influence. You cannot follow Jesus if you have not broken away from worldly influence. True leadership is following the Master Jesus. Authority frees us from slavery. You cannot live in close relationship with God if you are a slave to the world.
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Prophetic Word

Season of breakthrough

1. Spirit of elevation
- Focus on the good works you are meant and not the lack of means

Elevation – a level of partnership with God
- God is increasing your dimension of means so that you can do good works without any limitations
- God doesn’t focus on your lack but on what you need to accomplish the good works
- God is anointing you for a path that will lead you to a higher level and be in partnership with Him.

The Lord wants to change your vision; don’t focus on your means but God’s instructions
- God is saying you need to stand without calculations on how things will fall into place
- Lord, do with me what you desire and can do with a human being like me.

2. Triumph
Camp of truth and justice
- Whatever spiritual warfare you have been facing, the camp of truth and justice has overcome.
- There are walls you don’t have to push anymore because they have been broken down
- In the days coming you will see the glory of the will of God over your life.

Empowered to do good works

Acts 10:38

Deep Christian life is in our communion with Jesus Christ and it leads to much fruit.

Revelations 4:6-7
Four creatures were created according to God’s creation of what He expects to be in His inner circle

Tabernacle curtains:

Purple = lion
Red blood – calf (sacrifice)
White – face of Man
Blue = eagle

5 Characteristics of Kingship:
i. Nobility (continued….)
Everything that enters into the presence of God reveals His glory

ii. Authority – dominion

Proverbs 30:30
- A lion is not scared of anything
- It can attack and conquer any animal

Genesis 49:9
- Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah
- We are attached to a Lion (God) and He made us lions too.

If you want to be close to the Lord:
a. You need to develop a mentality of a leader
b. You are the light of the World you need to lead the lost

You have authority to influence
- You cannot follow Jesus if you have not broken away from worldly influence
- True leadership is following the Master Jesus

Authority frees us from slavery
- You cannot live in close relationship with God if you are a slave to the world

iii. Security

Genesis 49:9
A lion sleeps peacefully because nothing scares him as he is the scary one
- You need to master your fears
- You need to develop your inner security for you to become reliable
- Fear has many traps
- Security keeps your relationships with God stable and secure
- If you are not secure, you are drawn away from God

John 14:17
God also wants you to have courage despite what you face
- There are some situations you require a few minutes and others you need a lot of time in order for you to have the courage to face and overcome them.

The path towards a courageous life is dependent on the situation you are facing
- You need to have hunger to overcome the enemy
- God has already provided you with the means to live a victorious life
- God always give you a way out, however, don’t wait for it for you to become courageous

Colossians 3:15
The peace of God needs to rule in your life
- The peace of God is violent; it has dominion and governs your life
- The peace of God should reign over your life

Philippians 4:16-17
The peace of God will protect your heart
- The peace of God allows you to rejoice regardless of what you are going through

iv. Courage
Zeal to face challenges without allowing fear to hold you back
- Numbers 23:24
- Refusal to draw back until you have fulfilled your God given purpose.
- The devil works hard for you to be disconnected from God

You need courage to face things you wont naturally want to face
- You need courage to face what God has ordained for your life

v. The Lion roars
when you have an inner voice, you will not fear the enemy
- Everyone who is close to God has a voice
- No one who is close to Jesus is voiceless
- Every time you speak, there has to be change in the atmosphere
- You need to roar, there is life inside of you

If you want to be close to God, you need to develop the above 5 characteristics of a lion

Prayer points:

1. A flow of good works
- Its not your effort; allow God to do His good works through you

2. Activate your relationship of partnership with God
- Allow the Holy Spirit to have His rightful place in your life
- Pay attention to God’s presence wherever you are

Holy Spirit, I hunger for a new relationship and partnership with you in good works.

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