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Sun, Jul 08, 2018

Anointed Christian Walk

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Christian walk is not a stroll in a park. A clash of powers of an epic proportion between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light is raging on over the souls of humans. The goal is to influence how people Think, Believe, and Behave; ultimately who they Worship. Christian walk must be anointed to be effective. Why do we need the anointing, because 1) We are living in end-times when Satan is trying to influence human culture through seduction; using deception to distort people’s values, priorities, beliefs and behaviours. There are three faces to what we call world system: a) Pleasure, b) Possessions and c) Power. 2) We need to remain true to the tenets of our Christian faith in order to be able to change the course of many people’s future. 3) We have been given the privilege not only to stand for Christ (Truth) but also to save people at all cost.
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