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Sun, Jan 27, 2013

A call to something of greater significance


Luke 5:1-11

fish netIn life, there is a big difference between what is important and what is significant. In the end, when the curtain of life is pulled down and you step into the unknown, nothing else will matter except telling your Creator what you have lived for, whether you lived the life he created you for and headed his call for your life.

When Jesus meets you, he would call you or only teach you. The call is always specific and he would call you by name. Jesus has always taught the masses but only called a few. When he called people to follow him, it was always people that he found at work. He would find them doing something important, and call them to something of greater significance.  When he called the first disciples to be “fishers of men”, he had found them at sea, fishing.

The entry level of life is to live to make a living. David tells Solomon, the builder who is building without God is doing it in vain, the watchman without God is watching in vain. Anything that is outside of God cannot satisfy the innermost of a man. You will never become a genuine worshiper from a distance; a true worshiper has Jesus closer. You do not become Christian by coming to church but by getting closer to Jesus.
You need to ask yourself who stands in your life; if it is you or it is Jesus. Be careful not to do things without God. When you walk with God he will always make sure that you remember you are finite and show how wonderful he is to you.  When you get up close to Jesus you no longer stand but you feel the need to go low because He is everything. We shall pursue worship and give up self-interest. Never be content to have Jesus on a remote control.

What made Peter follow Jesus?

Peter got a revelation that made it easier to follow Christ. The deeper you know God the easier it becomes to follow him. Revelation makes sacrifice to become a lesser price to pay.  

What made Jesus to choose Peter? What makes God select certain individuals and leave others?

There are three primary qualities that attracted Jesus to Peter:

1. Obedient submission: this is a very rare commodity in our time. Although Peter knew more about fishing, he obeyed the instructions of a carpenter to throw the net in deeper water.
2. Humility: Peter humbled himself by recognizing that he was not worthy to follow Jesus because he is a sinner.
3. Commitment to do the will of God: when God sees someone committed to do his work, he calls them. Peter left everything to follow Jesus.

The job of a fisherman is to catch what is alive and kill it to make a living. A job of a fisher of man is to catch what is dead and make it alive. The difference between the important and the significant is that the important has to be dead for the significant to live. Are you going to continue living to kill or will you choose the significant and bring life into humanity?

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